Digital Services will Transform Service Providers business…

Service Providers and Resellers have a great opportunity to add value between cloud providers and business customers.

But, just being the middle-man is not enough - Cloud Service Brokerages (CSBs) must add real value in the chain.

And all this transformation needs to happen in the real-world of mature core infrastructure


Digital Transformation must carefully blend new and existing services to radically improve customer loyalty


As real businesses start using cloud, a new role has emerged for Value-Added resellers as a trusted advisor and managed service provider.


  • CustomerIntelegence

    Customer Intelligence

    The InverCloud platform gives you the reseller all the knowledge you need to add value to your business customers: User Activity, spend, user-demanded apps and user engagement.

  • selfService


    Self-Service access to trying and buying cloud applications significantly eases the support effort to businesses. It also increases customer engagement and allows the reseller to solve a major headache for customers.

  • billing

    Detailed Billing

    Reselling Cloud applications introduces a painful overhead trying to manage billing reconciliation. InverCloud gives the reseller a complete platform where the customer can see detailed billing breakdown, covering the full variety of recurring billing patterns as well as regional and tax variations.

  • userManagement

    User Management

    The move of businesses to the Cloud has made it almost impossible for Managed Service resellers to offer one of their key offerings - managing user onboarding and application access. InverCloud puts the reseller back in a strong position of with a full solution that allows direct provisioning, role-based and rules-based access to applications.


The team at InverCloud have been building web and cloud apps for years, but uniquely we’re also Telecoms and Enterprise IT veterans.  

We know why the change must be transformational and we know how to deliver

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Core Team

Colum Horgan is InverCloud CEO and co-founder. Formerly a start-up CTO following ten years with Motorola Networks, where he lead the Core Softswitch team in Ireland. Colum has worked in Telecoms and IT for over 20 years and holds a Bachelor of Engineering.

Colum Horgan

CEO & Co-founder

Martin Creaner is InverCloud Chairman and focusses on relationships with Telecoms operators and equipment resellers

Martin Creaner


Kimon has an extensive track-record understanding the needs of Service Providers and delivering global solutions

Kimon Tsakmakas

Business Development

Pat Lucey is InverCloud co-founder and board member. Pat has over 20 years experience in the Telecoms arena and lead engineering and quality teams in Motorola and Siemens.

Pat Lucey


John has extensive working with Telcos bring Digital Services to Tier 1 and Tier 2 Telcos. He has worked with Vodafone and Smart Telecom and advises the board on strategies for adoption.

John Ahern

Telco Advisor

Jamie is a Cloud Identity and Access Management guru who's been born in the cloud.

Jamie Morrissey

Cloud Architect

John has extensive experience architecting Telecoms experience in OSS, BSS, Core Switch and Billing. John now marries his Telecoms experience with the latest MVC architectures

John Maguire

Telecoms Guru

Ajit has an extensive n-Tier software background working in Cloud, Telecoms and Media companies

Ajitpal Singh

Software Architect

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