Our Platform

Customer Intelligence

The InverCloud platform gives you the reseller all the knowledge you need to add value to your business customers: User Activity, spend, user-demanded apps and user engagement.

Detailed Billing

Reselling Cloud applications introduces a painful overhead trying to manage billing reconciliation. InverCloud gives the reseller a complete platform where the customer can see detailed billing breakdown, covering the full variety of recurring billing patterns as well as regional and tax variations.


Self-Service access to trying and buying cloud applications significantly eases the support effort to businesses. It also increases customer engagement and allows the reseller to solve a major headache for customers.

User Management

The move of businesses to the Cloud has made it almost impossible for Managed Service resellers to offer one of their key offerings – managing user onboarding and application access. InverCloud puts the reseller back in a strong position of with a full solution that allows direct provisioning, role-based and rules-based access to applications.