Service Providers

Cloud in the enterprise is now mainstream and Telcos have a major opportunity as a trusted partner.

With ever-increasing cloud adoption, small and medium businesses struggle to secure access to company data in cloud applications. With InverCloud, Service Providers can quickly deploy a business cloud marketplace to provide all cloud services the company needs, supported by a single trusted partner, on a single bill and with a single sign-on across all apps.

The InverCloud solution:

  • A Marketplace for all private and public SaaS, IaaS and PaaS offerings
  • Pre-integrated with an extensive range of the leading SaaS offerings
  • Easy standards-based integration for ISVs
  • Extensive Billing, Taxation and Payment solutions
  • Full single sign-on right back to the organization.

Enabling the full-Service Provider The CSP can carefully mix major brands with new and innovative solutions as well as their core services to maximise value.

The Complete solution A full self-service marketplace with Single-Sign-on and fine-grained Access Control, an extensive Billing solution with flexible taxation capabilities right through to payment processing.

Guarantee Data Sovereignty InverCloud, as your EU partner allows you, the Service Provider to decide where data is hosted ensuring easy compliance with European data privacy requirements.

Customer Intelligence -  InverCloud gives your team the in-depth customer knowledge to understand the solutions your customers need with incredibly-well targeted up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

Out-of-the-box - Service Providers know the reality of adapting existing IT for new challenges – long time-to-market and compromised solutions. InverCloud delivers an integrated Marketplace in weeks

 Increased Customer “Stickiness” -  Significantly improve customer retention by bundling public cloud solutions together and with your core services. Customers value the single-sign-on management portal across all their service needs.